Get Qualified with Recognition of Prior Learning

What is RPL?

Recognition of Prior Learning (or RPL for short) is the process of receiving a qualification or part thereof, by recognising skills and knowledge learned through life experience, work or other uncompleted or not-nationally recognised training.

Easy RPL’s FREE skills assessment and recognition can fast track your qualification or even award your qualification outright. This means you don’t have to repeat training you’ve already received and the entire RPL process is online. Start the entire RPL process with your FREE skills assessment to receive formal acknowledgement of your skills.

"Thank you so much. I am really happy with the services your institution have provided and actually I told my agent about your institution she will recommend some students.

Thanks once again."


How do I get recognised for prior learning?

Kick-start your career and receive qualification recognition through Easy RPL. We offer prior learning assessment and recognition across Australia and it’s easy to apply for RPL online. We look at past jobs, life experience, samples of your work and any industry representative endorsements you might have. We use methods to establish your competency against a national set of standards and offer qualification recognition based of your level of competency (whether you have been formally trained in these skills or not). You can then receive recognition for prior learning by either gaining a full qualification or receiving credit towards one. Start by browsing the recognised prior learning qualifications available and get the recognition you deserve.

How long does the RPL process take?

Recognition of Prior Learning can take some time. However, the more preparation you do, the less time it will take after you engage our services. The responsibility for gathering and compiling evidence is up to you. After enrolling in our RPL program you have a timeframe of 3 months to supply all your evidence. Learn more about our skills recognition service in Australia.

Getting started is easy and FREE

Our detailed knowledge of the RPL process for various industries ensures we have the tools to guide you through the recognition of skills and prior learning process. Getting the formal acknowledgement you deserve is simple; just contact Easy RPL for a free prior learning assessment! Simply provide us with:

  • A resume detailing evidence of prior learning and work experience
  • The qualification you are applying for

Easy RPL’s highly skilled, industry experienced staff will assist you in the skills recognition process, ensuring that we make the process easy for you. Take advantage of our news and RPL resources you can use to help you through the entire RPL process. Getting recognised for prior learning is simple with Easy RPL, so get started today.

We deliver RPL Australia-wide

At Easy RPL, we’ve built up a solid track record in assisting Australian workers to successfully convert their skills into qualifications through prior learning assessment and recognition. This proven track record has helped us solidify our reputation as one of the industry leaders for skills assessment. Our skills recognition and assessments offer qualification RPL in Victoria, NSW, Queensland, WA or wherever you’re located in Australia.

Contact Easy RPL on 1300 665 181 and organise your RPL online now.