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Nationally Recognised Training

SIRXSLS009A Manage sales teams

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

EasyRPL is the Leading provider of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for SIRXSLS009A Manage sales teams. We focus on Skills Recognition for the full qualification. If required we can organise gap training where needed.


This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to manage a number of teams to achieve business objectives and optimal customer satisfaction with service and sales coverage.


This unit applies to senior sales personnel or team leaders who set, manage and review sales team targets, performance and territory management in accordance with business policy and relevant legislation.

Required Skills

interpersonal skills to:
manage sales team territory coverage
communicate pricing activity and adjustment or changes to relevant personnel
support and coordinate meetings, including making presentations, through clear and direct communication
ask questions to identify and confirm requirements
share information
give instructions
use language and concepts appropriate to cultural differences
use and interpret non-verbal communication
numeracy skills to:
interpret and maintain data
review budgets and quotas
calculate costs and pricing arrangements
leadership skills to supervise and delegate tasks to sales teams

Required Knowledge

principles and techniques in:
interpersonal communication
group facilitation
performance analysis and assessment
strategic and procedural development and implementation
relevant performance indicators and requirements within:
sales plans
promotional plans
marketing plans
business plans
strategic plans
existing staff and associated sales team resources
industrial and employee relations
Work Health and Safety (WHS) aspects of job
relevant commercial law and legislation

Critical aspects for assessment and evidence requird to demonstrate competency in this unit

Evidence of the following is essential:
prepares action plans for sales teams based on achievable sales targets
manages sales team resources and requirements to budget
demonstrates ability to work with team leaders, staff and managers to achieve priority tasks and strategic responsibilities affecting sales teams
manages sales teams to achieve market, product or service, and territory targets in accordance with business policy and relevant legislation
reviews and reports on sales team activity and feedback
accurately and effectively communicates summary information from work outputs to senior and junior colleagues.

Range Statement

The range statement relates to the unit of competency as a whole. It allows for different work environments and situations that may affect performance. Bold italicised wording in the performance criteria is detailed below.
Sales team reports may contain information on:
purchase requests and orders
records of supplier performance
competitor activities
product problems
display disputes
business customer requests
end consumer complaints
sales contact history.
Sales teams may include:
full-time, part-time, casual or contract staff
people from a range of social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds
people with varying degrees of language and literacy levels.
Territory may be defined by:
size, type and location of customers
demographic parameters
territory size, location and geographic spread
account customers.
Customer groups may include:
new or repeat contacts
external and internal contacts
customers with routine or special requests
people from a range of social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds and with varying physical and mental abilities
end consumers
business customers.
Communication may include:
individuals or groups
formal or informal meetings
written correspondence, memos
email, fax, telephone.
Territory coverage plan may take into account:
relevant business policy and procedures
relevant legislation and statutory requirements
types of products and services provided
size, type and location of business
business merchandise range
characteristics of the specific products or services
customer demographics
customer confidence and expectations.
Resource requirements may include:
equipment and technology
training and development
relevant information.
Relevant personnel may include:
supervisor and manager
team members.
Legislation and requirements affecting sales staff may include:
equal employment opportunity (EEO)
Australian apprenticeships
disciplinary procedures
awards and agreements
wages and conditions
Trade Practices and Fair Trading Acts
environmental protection legislation
WHS requirements
transport, storage and handling of goods
pricing procedures, including GST requirements
privacy laws
sale of second-hand goods.
Business policy and procedures in relation to:
employee relations and staff development
sale of products and services
strategic planning and evaluation
Reward and compensation packages may include:
positive feedback presentation to junior colleagues, peers and management
financial bonuses
sales commissions
positive reinforcement through articles on performance in newsletters.
Review of budgets and quotas for sales teams may be based on:

Licensing & Regulatory Information

No licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of endorsement.

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